Hear from Happy Clients


Olga helped me know my worth.  She encouraged me to see the strong, amazing  woman that I am. She was so supportive through my difficult time, I finally cut the cord from an unhealthy relationship, which was a game changer. The wonderful insights & resources Olga shared, helped put me back in touch with my spirituality and God."

-Belinda M.


Working with Olga one-to-one and in group has helped me tremendously in my path to self-growth & self-love.

For my love life, It really helps to have Olga's guidance & a group of strong women to discuss important red flags and issues from previous relationships that I may not have known or knowingly ignored - I've identified where I need to work on the most.

I also learned of different tools and approaches to help conquer uncomfortable conversations at work & in my personal/love life. 

Her self-care practices like her STAR SHINE SYSTEM has brought my daily routine to a new level by helping me identify the areas of most importance.

I've learned how to listen to my intuition, how to lessen stress, and how to improve my energy level.  I'm grateful to work with someone who is dedicated to helping women grow by empowering them with the right tools, words, and heart-felt good intentions and prayers. 

-Daniela P.


I am now beginning to feel whole in ways I never have before, and am actually being freed from invisible patterns that held me prisoner for years. Working with Olga was pivotal for me and has literally changed my life."

-Karen S.


Olga is an intricate space holder, a beautiful soul-connected intuitive with a pantheon of skills to offer as a coach. I was embraced by her love and commitment to positive transformation for people with in all of their relationships. There were surprises that arose along the way and I now have more freedom of expression in every area of my life. Saying yes to myself inside of her coaching mirror is a gift full of surprises that elevated, enlivened and helped me ground to what you I was creating."  

Michelle B.


I am so grateful for Olga. Her tools, insights and loving stand helped me overcome my biggest challenges that kept me from having what I want. I was unknowingly stuck for 10 years, shut down and not knowing how to have the life I've imagined for myself. I now I get to celebrate being a new mom every day. Little Philip was worth the work and the wait. "

-Marina C.


My husband play together in every field now, and continue to create an amazing life together. After working with Olga I've reconnected with my soul partner. Our kids are thriving, and we feel like there's nothing that could ever stand in our way again. If only Olga can support more couples in this way. 
I can only imagine what the world, and the upcoming generation of kids would be like!"

-Maria G.

See how working together can support you in finally having a devoted partnership worthy of your time.

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