"You deserve to thrive in love"

So many of us are looking for ways to improve our relationships. Unfortunately, there are toxic love patterns that show up that can turn even the best relationships into toxic environments full of shut down, loss of trust and lack of intimacy.

These patterns show up in many ways. For some, it may look like overextending yourself way beyond your comfort zone. For others, it can look like loosing your own voice, playing small or giving more value to another- especially when they have been cruel or don't deserve it. For many women, it looks like compromising yourself.

  Yes, Please tell me more!

It doesn't have to be this way!

End Toxic Love Patterns Breakthrough Session

In this Session you will:

  • Reveal any hidden blocks that are attracting men who are not a good match for you, sabotaging you from a devoted guy who is ... supportive, nurturing and HOT!
  • Heal & Release any unhealthy & potentially toxic relationship patterns blocking you from experiencing complete trust in finding lasting love.
  • Discover the game changing next steps to create an environment that truly allows for passion and purpose to flourish in your relationship.
Thrive In Love Now!

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't Grow you!"

Are you finding yourself dating the same type of guy, someone you know is not good for you? Keeping you from a devoted partnership that is full of passion and purpose?

Maybe you are already in a relationship and feeling stuck not being able to get out. Maybe you don't know how to turn your relationship around?

Many women feel shut down, resentful and lose trust when it comes to love, thinking "how did I end up here again", or "when will it be my turn?".

Learn how to draw the lessons from the past and turn them into blessings of discernment.  You are worth it! 

Hi, I'm Olga Melina and I love to celebrate the lovers, the romantics and the those that show up for love.

It's my mission to help women stop trying to find the "One" but instead "Be" the one they are looking for.

From that place you can attract a devoted partner worthy of your time.

It's time to recode toxic love patterns keeping you from the relationship of your hearts desires.

Stop wasting your time. Nothing is worth closing your heart over and with the right tools and discernment love will finally show up for you.

Services I offer

1-on-1 Coaching

"There is no force more powerful than a women determined to rise"

It's time to rise in love! Our initial session begins with a 90 minute End Toxic Love Patterns Breakthrough Session. This intimate zoom meeting allows for real deep work and the magic of accelerated growth.

Woman's Monthly Empowerment Circle

"Relationships don't happen in isolation, they thrive in the support of community"

You are called to this community when you know the power of sisterhood support, and delight in the celebration and up-leveling of the group dynamic. A space for letting go, re-connecting to what matters and rejoicing in your soul purpose.

Power Couple Practices

"Never below you, never above you, always beside you"

For those seeking to make a deeper impact in the world through up-leveled partnership. You will deepen intimacy, strength your relationship and create a thriving home environment.

"I finally cut the cord from an unhealthy relationship."

"I was not only dating someone who was living a double-life, but he wasn't really investing in a future with me! I now can see any toxic love patterns as I am vetting a potential partner before I invest my heart and time. I feel empowered like never before. Olga helped me know my worth.  She encouraged me to see the strong, amazing  woman that I am. She was so supportive through my difficult time, I finally cut the cord from an unhealthy relationship, which was a game changer. The wonderful insights & resources Olga shared, helped put me back in touch with my spirituality and God."

Belinda M.

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